Toxic Metals in 95% of U.S. Baby Foods

heavy metals in baby food

Toxic Metals in 95% of U.S. Baby Foods

Toxic Metals in 95% of U.S. Baby Foods

Parents usually want the best for their children but without knowing what they are buying they are in for a surprise. Recent research has shown toxic metals in 95% of  U.S. baby foods tested, including arsenic and lead which are detrimental to a baby’s health.

The investigation – which was commissioned by the non-profit Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) – tested 168 baby foods manufactured in the U.S. for four toxic heavy metals: arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. These metals, even in trace amounts, can “alter the developing brain and erode a child’s IQ,” according to the report. Of the foods tested, the results showed:

• 95% contained lead
• 73% contained arsenic
• 75% contained cadmium
• 32% contained mercury
• 26% contained all four heavy metals

About 25% of the baby foods tested contained all four of these heavy metals.

Toxic Metals and IQ

Even though often the amounts of heavy metals were in trace amounts the research team found that they could still alter the developing brain and erode a child’s IQ.

Specifically, the chart below shows the percentage of IQ drop from different foods laced with arsenic and lead.

foodchart and IQ in Babies

Results of IQ analysis: 15 foods account for 55% of total IQ loss from children’s dietary exposures to arsenic and lead in baby food (HBBF)

The more of these contaminated foods the baby eats, the greater the amounts of heavy metals accumulated – many babies can easily consume 2 or more of these containers per day, which certainly adds up over time.

The chart below shows 5 common baby foods that usually contains heavy metals and the safer alternatives that parents can choose that can drastically reduce the amount of these toxic metals.

Food alternatives for babies


New research has indicated the detrimental effects on the baby’s health, including cancer and lifelong deficits in intelligence from exposures to these common food contaminants. Despite the risks, with few exceptions there are no specific limits for toxic heavy metals in baby food.

For at least a decade, health experts and advocacy groups have publicly raised concerns about the levels of toxic metals in baby food, and in 2017 the FDA established the Toxic Elements Working Group to reduce toxins in baby foods “to the greatest extent possible.” Because of efforts like these, toxin levels in baby foods have dropped significantly in recent years.

Current arsenic contamination levels in rice cereal and juice are 37 and 63 percent lower, respectively, than amounts measured a decade ago because of companies’ success in reducing metals levels in their food ingredients to comply with draft FDA guidance.

They have shifted growing and processing methods, switched plant varieties, and sourced from cleaner fields. Despite the gains, this study has shown toxic metals in 95% of the U.S. baby foods tested had detectable levels of one or more heavy metals suggests that we have a long way to go to protect our young ones.

But the baby food company Gerber noted that “many food safety and agricultural experts suggest that it is not feasible to achieve a ‘zero’ level of these elements – even in homemade foods made from organic ingredients.”

Natural Heavy Metal Detox

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