Shipping and Returns


Orders placed online are usually dispatched within 24 hours, or one working day of receiving them. Delivery dates will vary according to your location.

Upon receiving your package, carefully check the products with the enclosed receipt. Occasionally, the environmentally sound packing material inside your box can ‘hide’ and cover up smaller bottles.

If there is a discrepancy, please email Customer Services within 24 hours of receipt –



Orders shipped in the US are sent usually in the most efficient way possible, using various different delivery routes via USPS or FedEx. The system will automatically choose the quickest and most efficient way of sending all orders.

These orders are tracked and you will be provided with a tracking number. Delivery times vary depending on your location.


All other orders to Europe, the UK, Asia, and other countries of the world are shipped by courier and are tracked – you will be provided with a tracking number. Delivery times can vary between 5 – 15 days depending on your location.


We hope you will be happy with your purchase. Due to safety factors, we DO NOT accept returns as when the product leaves the fulfillment centers we are certain that the products have been kept in the correct temperature and humidity, and have not been tampered with.

We have no way of knowing if the products have been tampered with after they leave our fulfillment centers, therefore we cannot accept returns of any kind.

So, please make certain that you order products that you will use wisely for yourselves and your loved ones.