Mercury and Amalgams

Mercury a powerful neuro toxin

Mercury and Amalgams

Mercury is one of to most neurotoxic substances known to man – it is more toxic than lead, cadmium or even arsenic. Mercury has no NOEL [no-observed-effect level], meaning that there is NO level of mercury at which mercury isn’t harmful to the body. It is highly toxic even in the smallest quantities!

Mercury can cause a variety of health problems and has even been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Mercury crosses the blood-brain barrier and adversely affects neurological functions. It has also been shown to impair kidney function and induce several types of tumours in rats and mice. Like other toxins mercury gets passed on from the mother to the baby (through the placenta during pregnancy and later via breast feeding) and can cause severe learning disabilities and mental retardation.  The National Academy of Sciences estimates that 60,000 newborns a year could be at risk of disabilities because of mercury their mothers absorbed during pregnancy.

While mercury is present in fish and other food, the most common source of mercury poisoning are amalgam fillings in teeth.


Mercury poisoning from amalgamsAmalgam (made of 50% mercury) was found to be a cheap and long lasting substance to fill teeth with – the danger of mercury poisoning was overlooked or ignored. The use of amalgams is now prohibited in many countries but is still legal in the U.S.

Studies have shown that the general population in America absorbs more mercury from dental fillings than from any other source. In fact there is more mercury in dental fillings than in all other products sold in America. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that 55% of all mercury in commerce today in the United States – an estimated 1,088 tons of mercury – resides in Americans’ dental fillings!

An additional 34 tons of mercury is added dental fillings every year. Research has shown that amalgam fillings give off a high dose of the highly toxic gas methyl mercury. Chewing gum, drinking hot drinks or brushing your teeth further increase the level of mercury released by these fillings. The mercury then enters our blood stream and is stored in tissues and organs for years to come. It can only be released by using a chelator [metal binding agent] such as HMD™.

Despite the fact that at least 17 separate studies have confirmed that dental patients absorb a daily dose of mercury derived from their mercury fillings, the U.S. government has never tested mercury fillings for safety. How crazy is that!

So just to recap: Mercury is highly toxic and can cause serious illnesses, yet it is still offered to the unsuspecting public in the form of dental fillings so that EVERY TIME we CHEW we release TOXIC MERCURY into our bodies. Wonderful!

If you have any doubts about how bad this really is, you can see the “Mercury Fact Sheet” prepared by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology or watch the following two videos:


Watch this fascinating video NOW!

This is an extract of a video shot by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It shows an amalgam tooth that has been extracted many years ago, and is still giving off high levels of toxic mercury vapour. Imagine if this amalgam was in your mouth, along with many others!


Watch this fascinating video NOW!

This video produced by the University of Calgary clearly shows how even low levels of mercury completely degenerate brain tissue in a short amount of time.

Luckily you can do something about this! Buy HMD™ today and rid yourself of mercury and other harmful toxins in your body. We know you will feel a difference!

It is important to note that even if you had your fillings removed, the mercury will still be in your body, causing havoc at a cellular level. If you are thinking of having your Amalgams removed in the near future, please read our specific Amalgam Detox Protocol below:


Thinking of having your amalgams removed? You definitely should – they are toxic and dangerous. However we strongly recommend that you start your heavy metal detox at least a couple of months BEFORE sitting in the dentist’s chair and continue for 3-6 months afterwards. This cannot be emphasised enough as our team of health experts [notably Dr. Georgiou] has personally seen and treated many people who became very ill after amalgam removal.

We have witnessed people develop the most severe illnesses such as MS, cancer, severe mitral valve prolapse [heart disease] and other neurological disorders. This is due to the vast amount of mercury released during the removal process. We recommend you only remove amalgams while following a FULL DETOX PROGRAM.

Because of the high toxicity of mercury as well as the high doses that amalgams regularly release, we strongly recommend you supplement HMD™ with LAVAGE and CHLORELLA.

In addition we recommend taking A-Lipoic Acid, which is an excellent antioxidant that will help protect you from free radical damage from stray methyl mercury during the amalgam replacement. We recommend a dose of 300 mg x 3 times daily.

Seek out a dentist who will put in place protective measures during amalgam removal, to minimise the harmful release of harmful mercury vapour during the procedure. A holistic dentist would likely follow such a protocol.


For many years Thimerosal was added as a preservative to vaccines. Thimerosal contains around 50% mercury and is highly toxic. Mercury is known to cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor and behavioral dysfunctions that are similar to the traits defining autism.

By the age of 10 a child may hundreds of times over what is considered a “safe” amount of mercury due to his injections. There are hundreds of reports of children suffering strange and lifelong symptoms shortly after being inoculated, and many believe that the recent increase in autism cases is a result of Thimerosal based vaccines. Service personnel who have been subjected to many different injections for their tours of duty are also at risk. Although Thimerosal has been phased out of many preparations, the effects can still be felt. Mercury accumulates in the body and stays there forever, unless an effective detoxifier such as HMD™ is being used to cleanse the body.