Is Zeolite Toxic?


Is Zeolite Toxic?


Zeolite is a hydrated aluminosilicate with symmetrically stacked aluminium (Al2O3) and silica tetrahedra (SiO2) which result in an open and stable three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge. It is sold commercially in powder form which is purported to chelate heavy metals.

There have often been questions by practitioners whether Zeolite would release this stacked aluminium into the body – apparently many believe that this is not released from the central compound as it is too tightly bound. There are also high levels of lead that have also been found in Zeolite, adding to the toxic burden.

There are a number of facts that have been scientifically investigated relating to Zeolite, as follows:

• Zeolite contains relatively high levels of aluminium (24,000+ ppm), as well as lead (10 – 60ppm) and other heavy metals.
• When Zeolite is micronized and the powder is fed to humans, they end up urinating high levels of aluminium, lead and other elements found in zeolites.
• The substance may cause damage to the kidney after repeated ingestion of high doses, as shown in animal studies. Repeated inhalation exposure to high particle/dust concentrations may result in damage to the lungs.
• These studies have led researchers to conclude that Zeolites are helping to release toxic metals such as aluminium and other metals found in Zeolite.

Alternative to Zeolite

An alternative natural heavy metal detox product that has been scientifically researched using a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with 350 people is called HMD (Heavy Metal Detox). The research study conclusively proved that this 100% natural toxic metal detox product really works. The research paper is on our web site

So how does HMD compare with other detox products on the market?

Some years ago we drew up a comparison table based on what the advertisers of other products claimed. Amongst the most popular at that time was ZEOLITE. This product, however, was not listed in our comparison table, as there was no information available. We now know why.

Recent research on Zeolite has revealed some surprising facts and explains why nothing is said about the contents of Zeolite.

The principal finding is that although Zeolite mobilises some heavy metals, it uses a very high level of ALUMINIUM to do it. In fact, 24,000 ppm! This is a staggering amount, as not only is aluminium a toxic metal, but to be taking it on a daily basis is horrifying!

No doubt much of the aluminium would also be re absorbed back into the body, further increasing the toxic load. High levels of other toxic metals – like lead – were also found in Zeolite.

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