HMD and Scientific Research

HMD and Scientific Research

HMD™ is a 100% natural detox product that has been scientifically researched.

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There are a number of reports in the literature that discuss the natural heavy metal chelation properties of various natural substances[1-7]. Many of these have never been tested systematically using the “gold standard” methodology of the double-blind, placebo controlled trial.

Our research group were commissioned by a Russian metal foundry to examine the chelating effects of these natural heavy metal chelators, and attempt to identify a natural compound that would be effective at chelating a number of toxic metals from Russian metal foundry workers.


This was a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial with 350 metal foundry workers using a number of natural heavy metal chelators purported in the literature to chelate heavy metals. Adult males aged 18 – 60 years old were randomly allocated to various groups taking a number of natural substances to determine their chelating potential for heavy metals. Each of these groups consisted of a control as well as an experimental group. ICP-MS pre- and post- analysis of urine, blood and hair samples was carried out over a 3-year period.

A recent September 2018 peer-reviewed paper entitled “Scientific Research on Natural Heavy Metal Chelators: Testing What Works” is also available for download


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