Heavy Metals and their Hidden Sources

heavy metals in food

Heavy Metals and their Hidden Sources

heavy metals in foodHeavy Metals and their Hidden Sources

When it comes to toxic metals, ignorance is not going to help your health in the long run. You need to become wiser and more knowledgeable regarding where you will find these heavy metals, and how best to deal with them. Here we will talk about heavy metals and their hidden sources – in fact, 4 hidden sources of heavy metals that few people would suspect.

The 4 main toxic metals that we often encounter in today’s world are mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. They can cause a myriad of different health problems from headaches to cancer and everything in between.

We often hear about these heavy metals in the news – one example was the case in Flint, Michigan, USA where they found high levels of lead in the drinking water. This is only one obvious example, there are many other hidden sources that not many people are aware of – let’s look at 4 of these sources below.

1. Mercury in Fish

We have already discussed this topic in some depth in another article entitled: “What Fish Should I Eat?” This is an important question, as we need to be able to avoid the fish that is high in mercury, which is the main toxic metal found in fish. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, as well as young children really need to be extra careful with their choices of fish. Not too long ago, the Environmental Working Group analysed a number of fish for mercury levels and wrote a working paper entitled: US Fish Advice May Expose Babies to Too Much Mercury.Mercury in fish

The studied measured mercury levels in hair samples of 254 women eating about as much fish as the U.S. government recommends for pregnant mothers. About 30 – 60 percent of women had mercury levels over the safe limit set by the EPA, considered too high for pregnant women. Indeed, frequent fish eaters had 11 times more mercury than a group who rarely ate fish.

The fish that one needs to avoid due to their toxicity include shark and swordfish, as well as tuna, sea bass, halibut, and marlin, and most fish farmed fish that eat bone meal from larger fish that are toxic in mercury.

2. Lead in Bone Broth

Many advocates of both the GAPS and Paleo diets and nutritionists are recommending taking bone broth made of animal bones to help heal gut permeability, otherwise known as leaky gut, as well as for better skin and othlead in bone brother health issues. One of the problems with this, particularly if the animals are not grass-fed, is that any exposure of the animal to lead will be stored in its bones. It is well-established that farm animals, and humans, can be exposed to lead via food, water, air, dust and soil, and that it progressively accumulates in bone.

A study in 2013 showed that high levels of lead were found in the bones of organic chickens that was obviously transferred to the broth made from these bones. The lead concentrations in the four different samples were as follows:

  • chicken-bone broth: 7.01 µg/L
  • bone broth from chicken meat (without bones): 2.3 µg/L
  • bone broth made from skin and cartilage off the bone: 9.5 µg/L
  • control (tap water): 0.89 µg/L

As the results show, the levels of lead in bone broth made from chicken bones was a little over 7x higher than the tap water, and a little over 10x higher in broth made from chicken skin and cartilage. Too much lead can adversely affect nearly every system of the body.

3. Cadmium and Heavy Metals in e-cigarettes

Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal that has been linked with cancers of the lung, pancreas, breast, prostate, endometrium, and urinary bladder. Cigarette smoking, in particular, provides exposure to high levels of cadmium, believed to be due to contaminated soil. Cadmium has also been identified in e-cigarettes and those that vape.heavy metals in vaping

A new study also found concentrations of dangerous heavy metals (such as lead and copper) in certain vapours produced by e-cigarettes.

In this study, 11 metals in particular were linked to components of the e-cigarettes: aluminium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, magnesium, nickel, silicon, tin, and zinc. The more metal parts in the e-cigarette, the more heavy metals were found in the vapours it produced. Power was clearly a critical factor in the appearance of some of the metals. The researchers note in the study: “Concentrations of some elements (e.g., lead) increased in aerosols as voltage/power increased.”

4. Arsenic in Rice

Rice is known to be an excellent absorber of arsenic from irrigation water, soil, and even cooking water.

arsenic in riceThe World Health Organization has mentioned that long-term exposure to arsenic from drinking-water and food can cause cancer and skin lesions. It has also been associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In utero and early childhood exposure has been linked to negative impacts on cognitive development and increased deaths in young adults.

Arsenic toxicity has been in the headlines on a number of occasions regarding the health of infants and children. The FDA highlighted that rice formulas should not be the only source, or even the first source, of nutrition for an infant. Barley, multigrain. and oats are preferred nutrition sources.

Consumer Report have also done a considerable amount of work in this area and now have recommendations for purchasing the rice that has the lowest levels of arsenic.

Check our one of our articles entitled: Heavy Metals in Baby Foods.

Check Your Heavy Metal Levels Using a Hair Tissue Analysis

If you have concerns about your heavy metal levels, there is a simple Hair Tissue Analysis that you can do to determine not only mercury levels but many other toxic metals, as well as a full mineral profile.

Natural Toxic Metal Elimination

Reading this article, one can conclude that if you have been eating fish and other cereal products such as rice, the likelihood is that you have a number of toxic metals stored in your body.

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