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heavy metal detoxHEAVY METAL DETOX

It is well known that exposure to toxic heavy metals is one of the root causes of symptoms like low energy, mood disturbances, brain fog, memory issues, behavioural changes, headaches, hearing problems, irritability, tremors, neurological problems such as MS, skin problems, compromised detoxification organs, chronic aches and pains like fibromyalgia and many other diseases. These heavy metals enter the body and penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs, where they can remain stored up for many years, imbalancing the functioning of the cells, tissues and organs. This is why a heavy metal detox is critically important to optimizing health in the world that we live in!

Sources of Heavy Metals

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous metals that everyone has at least some trace of is Mercury. Where do we get mercury and other metals from?

Here are a few sources below:

  • The environment – air pollution, factories, mining, leaching toxins in underground water supplies, toxic water, toxic food, smoking, including vaping, and radiation.
  • Amalgam fillings in the mouth releasing methyl mercury every time we chew – chewing gum for only 10 minutes will double the amount of mercury circulating in our blood!
  • Eating toxic foods such as farmed fish that contain mercury as they are fed bone meal from large fish that are very toxic in mercury. Generally, you need to avoid the large fish such as swordfish, tuna, shark and king mackerel. Generally non-organic foods, GMO’s, sprayed with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are not good foods.
  • Water that we drink, depending on the source, can contain arsenic and aluminium – best to drink reverse osmosis water that removes all of these toxic metals but use a vortex to reactivate the water.
  • Mothers can pass heavy metals through the placenta into their young ones – good for mothers-to-be to undergo pre-conceptual care and use a natural heavy metal detox formula such as HMD™ to offload metals BEFORE getting pregnant. This is likely to produce babies with a higher IQ!
  • There are many things that we use at home that also contain mercury and other heavy metals such as adhesives, cosmetics, fabric softeners, felt, polishes, talcum powder and plastics.
  • Tatoos are known to contain certain heavy metals and other chemicals that get absorbed into the body as tatoos “fade”.
  • Lead can also be found in some chocolates, canned foods, toothpastes, old paints, insecticides, pottery, soldered pipes and old lead pipes in houses.
  • There are also other sources of aluminium such as antiperspirants (both spray and roll-on that may contain aluminium oxide), baking powder, certain baby formulas, plastic toys, antacids, aluminium foil, cooking pots and pans made of aluminium (throw them out), stainless steel cutlery, coins, and some makeup.
  • Certain vaccinations also can contain aluminium.

Eliminating Toxic Metals Naturally

So, what would be the best way of eliminating toxic metals naturally without doing further damage to your body?detox foods

There are a number of things that you can do, and some tried and tested products that you can take:

  • First, begin eating and drinking heavy metal detox smoothies that will begin the process of eliminating toxic metals that are already circulating in the blood or are outside the cell in the mesenchyme or matrix.
  • Begin a natural heavy metal detox diet consisting of leafy green vegetables, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit and salads, vegetable juices and more.
  • Begin taking a heavy metal detox formula such as HMD™ to help the natural toxic metal elimination.

The ideal formulation to take is the HMD™ ULTIMATE DETOX PACK or the HMD™ ANTIOXIDANT DETOX PACK.

Both of these packs contain the following important products:


  • 1 bottle of  HMD™ Heavy Metal Detox. This unique formula is the result of 3 years of scientific research and is a 100% natural detox product.
  • 1 bottle of our HMD™ LAVAGE. This natural herbal remedy has been especially formulated to assist your body during the detox process.
  • 1 bottle of our ORGANIC CHLORELLA. Chlorella is rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids. These 3 comprise our Ultimate Detox Pack,

Our HMD™, and supporting products LAVAGEORGANIC CHLORELLA & HMD™ MULTIS, work in perfect synergy for an optimal detox experience.

We advise following this program for a minimum of 90 days. Please note that people with very high levels of toxicity may need to detox a few months longer. Each bottle is sufficient for about a month.

While following our Ultimate Detox we recommend adults drink at least 8-10 large glasses of pure water or herbal tea a day.

Children should also be encouraged to drink as much water as they can manage, relative to the adult dose.

The HMD™ ANTIOXIDANT DETOX PACK contains all of the above, along with A-Lipoic Acid, a protective fat and water soluble antioxidant that will help protect the body of free radical damage, often created by heavy metals.

This combination formula is designed to mobilize toxic metals, while helping the body to eliminate too. At the same time, antioxidants protect sensitive cells and tissues from oxidative stress and damage.

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