Articles on Toxicity

Articles on Toxicity

Articles on Toxicity

We have compiled the following scientific, peer-reviewed articles for your information. For ease of navigation we have split them into the following categories:



How Do I Know If I Am Toxic?

Toxic Metals and Antioxidants

Chlorella and Dioxins



Toxins and babies

Mercury Exposure in Children: A Review

Effects of Toxic Metals on Learning and Behaviour

Growing Up Toxic: Mercury and Developmental Diseases

Mercury in pregnant urine and cord

Prenatal Mercury Leads to Lasting Brain Damage

Environmental Exposure to Metals of Newborns, Infants and Young Children

Chemicals in Newborn Baby Eskimos

Lead and Your Health: A Health Brochure

Lead and Performance in Children

Mother Bear Book on Lead Toxicity

Health Effects of Lead

Toxicological Profile for Lead

Mercury Levels in Umbilical Cord Blood

Growing Up Toxic: Chemical Exposures in Developmental Diseases

Developmental Neurotoxicity of Industrial Chemicals

Toxic Metals and Mental Health

Chemical Exposure and Increases in Developmental Disease

Childhood urine mercury excretion: dental amalgam and fish consumption as exposure factors

Lead and Your Health – Lead poisoning in children

Chemical Impacts on Children’s Intelligence and Behaviour

Urine Mercury in Children



Global Mercury AssessmentMercury toxicity

Mercury Study Report to Congress

General Review of Mercury Toxicity

Three Modern Faces of Mercury

Health Effects of Mercury and Mercury Compounds

Mercury and Porphyrins

Mercury Content in Hair

Mercury in Human Hair and Fish

Mercury in Urine

Mercury Poisoning on Skin

Mercury Toxicity and Antioxidants

Blood Levels of Mercury

Low-Dose Mercury Toxicity and Human Health

Human Neurotoxicity of Mercury

Mercury Reaches the Brain Directly Through the Nerves

Mercury in Health Care

Mercury and Iatrogenic Deaths

Ecological Effects of Mercury

Mercury and Autism Spectrum Disorder (2017 study)



Amalgam Related Illness – FAQ’sMercury amalgams

Before and After Amalgam Removal

The Dental Amalgam Issue – A Terrible Sin Against Humanity!

Amalgam Disease – Poisoning, Allergy or Psychic Disorder?

Does Chewing Gum Increase Mercury in the Body?

Does Mercury Increase After Amalgam Removal?

Does Mercury From Amalgams Get into the Mother’s Breast Milk?

Mercury Release From New Dental Amalgams

Mercury Excretion in Children with Dental Amalgams



Mercury in FishMercury in fish

Mercury in Fish: A Global Health Hazard

Advice on Fish Consumption: Benefits and Risks

Mercury in Fish: Risks and Benefits

What You Need to Know About Mercury in Seafood

Over the Limit: Eating Too Much High-Mercury Fish

Fish Consumption: Toxicological Considerations

Fish consumption, mercury and child development

Mercury levels, fish and pregnancy

Fish Consumption Advisory for Mother-to-Be

Risk of Eating Fish on Embryonic Development

Fish, Mercury and Sub-Fertility

Mercury Levels in Seafood Species

Hair Mercury Levels in Freshwater Fish

High Mercury Levels in Tuna Sushi

Toxic Tuna in Sushi

Mercury Contamination in Tuna Sushi

Mercury and selenium in fish

Mercury contamination in fish

Mercury in canned tuna

Heavy Metal Content of Canned Tuna Fish

Mercury, Cadmium and Lead in Canned Tuna

Mercury Levels in Seafood Species

Heavy Metals in Commercial Fish

Mercury Levels in Swordfish

Mercury distribution in water and fish

Mercury extraction from fish

Mercury Levels in Fishermen

Blood Mercury Levels in Sports Fishermen

Use of Fish Oil Supplements in Clinical Practice

The Use of Fish Oil Supplements: A Review



Mercury and Diabetes: Pancreatic DysfunctionToxic metals and disease

Heavy Metals and Auto-Immune Diseases

Brain MRI Changes in Patients With Metal Toxicity

Organic Pollutants and Cardiovascular Disease

Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants and Cancer

Thyroid Disease and Xenobiotics

Mercury Contributes to Altzheimer’s Disease



Chemicals and WildLife: A Cause for ConcernToxicity and environment

Environmental Chemicals in the Human Body: Are They a Risk to Health?

Health Effects in Arctic WildLife Linked to Toxic Chemicals

Chemical Contamination in the Arctic: The Tip of the Iceberg

Heavy Metals in Bird Eggs

Mercury in Arctic Mammals

Mercury and Zooplankton

Toxic Release into the Environment Inventory

Toxic Fertilizers and their Effects

Contamination: World WildLife Funds (WWF) Biomonitoring Survey

Environmental Costs of Mercury Pollution

Third National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

Combination Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Semen Quality and Xenobiotic Toxins

Protecting Children From Environmental Toxins

Flame Retardants in Newborns with Cryptorchidism

Human Experiments and Pesticide Policy: The English Patient

The Food Chain and PCB’s

The Food Chain and PFC’s

The Food Chain and Phthalates

The Food Chain and PBDE’s

Pesticides and Children’s Health



Toxic Metals in Pets: The Silent Killer!Toxicity in pets

Heavy Metal Toxicity in Dogs

Heavy Metal Toxicity in Horses

Aluminium and Silicon Accumulation in Tissues of Animals Using Zeolite

High Mercury in Cats and Dogs

Toxic Industrial Chemicals Contaminate Cats and Dogs

Bisphenyl A in Pet Canned Foods