About HMD™

About HMD™

About HMD


Natural Detox with HMD will make you feel healthier and full of energy.

About HMD™ is a natural heavy metal detox formula that has been scientifically proven to work. This unique toxic metal detox formula is the result of 3 years of scientific research using double-blind, placebo controlled trials with 350 people.

HMD™ is a blend of various natural ingredients such as Chlorella Growth Factor, Coriandrum satvium (Coriander) and a homaccord of Chlorella pyrenoidosa – it is a completely natural heavy metal detox formula.

During the research, each individual ingredient in HMD™ was tested and there was little or no effect. However, when the ingredients were all mixed together in a special ratio did they show a synergistic effect. This is a natural toxic metal detox product that has been shown to work gently and effectively at detoxifying toxic metals naturally.

It has taken 1 million dollars and years of extensive research to find this unique scientific HMD™ formula that eliminates harmful toxic metals from the body. It is a natural heavy metal chelator.

TOXIC METALS such as mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead or uranium can wreak havoc on your system and cause many illnesses. And unfortunately we are all toxic to a lesser or greater degree. HMD™ has been shown to be effective at eliminating toxic metals naturally such as arsenic, aluminium, lead, mercury, uranium and lead.

HMD has also been found to remove uranium-238. See the results below:

HMD is the only natural heavy metal chelator that removes uranium from your body.

You can read more about the unique properties of HMD™ in our Scientific Proof section where you can also download all the pertinent research papers.

HMD™ is free from allergens, artificial colouring, flavors, salt and preservatives and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is manufactured in a GMP certified laboratory in the USA.

In order to stay 100% healthy we all need to detoxify toxic metals that accumulate regularly. HMD™ is a safe, effective and completely natural way of eliminating toxic metals naturally.

With some very toxic people, or the very young or elderly with compromised detoxification organs, it may be wiser to begin with one drop by three times a day, and increase by one drop every day until you reach the required dosage for your weight.

HMD™ is freely absorbed by the oral mucosa and most likely crosses the blood-brain barrier, but more research needs to be conducted on this.


  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN – tested using rigorous science over a 3-year period
  • NATURAL – nothing chemical, nothing synthetic, nothing nasty – a true natural heavy metal chelator
  • COST EFFECTIVE – costs less than a daily cup of coffee
  • SAFE to take over long periods of time – just like taking multivitamins or antioxidants
  • EASY – to take as liquid drops in some juice or water, which ha a pleasant sweet taste

With every order of HMD you also receive our “Ultimate Detox Guide” worth $15 absolutely FREE.